Guiscard Capital is committed to attaining long term value for it’s shareholders and clients. We believe that is crucial to be aligned with the interests of our clients at all times.  


Our Corporate Governance practices are focused on achieving this commitment through placing emphasis on:


Understanding and keeping in touch with its clients.

Keeping a close eye on the management of its business.

Actively monitoring investment performance.

Accountability to ensure good corporate governance lies primarily with our Board and Managing Partner.

We also look to our clients to give us feedback.


The Board’s principal role is to govern, rather than manage Guiscard, by ensuring that there is a proper governance framework in place to promote and protect Guiscard’s interests for the benefit of its shareholders and clients.

The Board represents and serve the interests of the shareholders and clients, and, collectively oversee and appraise the strategies, policies [hyperlink to policies] and performance of Guiscard, having due regard to Guiscard’s role in the broader investment community.

The Board conduct is regulated by a Board Charter.

Three shareholders comprise Guiscard Capital’s formal Board. 

Our Chairman is Andrew Vrech, a well experienced funds investment services professional. Andrew is responsible for the effective conduct of the Board. He, together with Andrew Adams and Daniel Grioli comprise our current Board.

Our Company Secretary, May Thandi is accountable directly to the Board on all matters to do with the proper functioning of the Board.

All shareholders are invited to attend Board meetings. There is a wide range of professional experience represented at Board meetings, from strategic planning, investments, portfolio management, client servicing, marketing, finance, education, risk management and compliance.


Daniel Grioli is responsible for the overall day to day management of Guiscard Capital.  The Board has delegated to the Managing Partner, the overall management and profit performance of Guiscard, including all the day-to-day operations and administration of Guiscard.